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In a world where posing often feels forced and artificial, I believe in the power of authenticity. When you entrust me with capturing your love story, I bring a keen eye for those fleeting, unscripted moments. The laughter, the tears, and the stolen glances—the raw emotions that truly reflect your journey together. My photography has a cinematic feel, as if you're viewing stills from a movie.

Dreamy Engagement Photos

Every couple is different and I intend to express their photos in a way that reflects their personalities. Some couples love PDA during their engagement photos, while others are more reserved. The photos are only going to look as good as you are comfortable. That's my main focus. My second focus is bringing my creaitvity to life.My third focus is making Ontario look as beautiful as possible!

Choosing the right wedding photographer in Toronto

In every photograph, I seek to capture the interplay between shadows and light, creating a sense of depth that enhances the storytelling. Shadows add an enigmatic touch, evoking emotions and creating an atmosphere that lingers in your heart. The interplay of light lends a timeless quality to each image, accentuating the natural beauty of the moment. I want your love story to come alive with a captivating visual narrative.

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Your wedding day is a magical journey filled with precious moments, and as you plan for the big day, don’t forget to consider the small details that make the experience uniquely yours. Emma Spring Photo: Toronto wedding photography is an art that beautifully captures the essence of your love story, and these 10 must-have detail…

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Find a Photographer Whose Work Speaks to You

The most beautiful moments are the ones that happen when you least expect them. I'm your storyteller. My approach is all about creating a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, so you can be yourselves, have fun, and let your true emotions shine through. When you're comfortable, your photos will reflect the real, unscripted moments of your special day, just like scenes from a movie. I'll be there to capture the joy, laughter, tears, and all the little details that make your wedding uniquely yours. Your day will not only be less stressful but also more enjoyable.

My Wedding Portrait Style

My photography style is all about capturing moments with a soft, elegant, and cinematic touch. I aim to create dreamy images that transport you to the world of your favorite romance movie. I specialize in freezing those heartfelt, spontaneous interactions where people are immersed in genuine emotions or sharing special, unscripted moments.These candid shots add depth and authenticity to your wedding album, ensuring that every aspect of your beautiful day is documented with a touch of genuine emotion and connection

What People are Saying…

Brittney R

Great photographer, very professional and loved how my pictures came out! Would definitely recommend and will be choosing her to photograph many more life events!

Kristen N

Amazing service and lovely experience! Photos turned out magical and I couldn’t be happier!! Would highly recommend this photographer for any occasion / setting

Georgina A

Emma is so special. Truly talented in how she sees and photographs the world. I was so lucky to have her photograph my elopement. In the moment I thought we would take some pictures to show extended family and wasn’t expecting much. I’m not someone who enjoys posing for a photo. She captured such special moments for us so gracefully effortlessly I was really moved to tears when I saw her work. She was professional but heartfelt and invested. She worked within my budget and was so flexible. I would love to use her again for future life events.

Areti D

Emma has exceeded my boyfriend and I’s expectations. She’s very personable to work with and exceedingly professional. Her work was beautifully shown on her Instagram page and we could not have been happier with our choice! Each photo tells a story. These photos will forever be cherished and especially for someone who just recently started in the industry, she seems to be getting better and better than she already is. Great work Emma and we look forward to working with you again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?
It typically takes me between 3-6 weeks to delivery a wedding album. Engagement photos are typically delivered within 10 days.
Do you have backup equipment?
Yes I do. I have a backup camera and lens.
Do you use flash?
I use flash when needed, or sometimes for stylistic purposes. Flash photos can be really fun!
My venue is very plain. Can you make it look better in the photos?
It's important to keep in mind that no matter the photographer, your photos are going to reflect what your venue looks like. That can't be changed. However, I love being creative and using light to make even "plain" settings look captivating.

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