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Hey you! I'm Emma, a photographer capturing timeless, romantic and candid moments. I shoot all around Muskoka and surrounding areas, including (but not limited to) Barrie, Toronto and all around the GTA. Are you captivated by certain photographers' work, and others– not so much? I'll tell you why. In my opinion, photography is truly an art. It's not just about pointing a camera and taking a picture. It's about falling in love with certain lighting, shadows, colours, poses and moods. It's about knowing which of those to pair together properly. It's about capturing special moments and emotions that will allow the photos to tell a story. And that opportunity for creativity is where my passion thrives!

I don't like to have you pose and smile for the camera, but rather, I want you to be in the moment, and be in your feelings, and that's how I capture candid moments with my photography.

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What makes my work different from other Muskoka photographers?

I have spent that past few years discovering which photographers inspire me the most, and what captivates me about their work. I have enrolled in several courses from world renowned wedding photographers and learned invaluable information, including techniques and strategies to shoot and edit the most captivating photos that are hang-on-the-wall worthy! You can warm up a photo, but then the subject's skin turns orange. There are meticulous ways to perfect the colour renderings of a photo in such a way that it is not only balanced, but also stunning. And the same goes for brightening a photo– you can brighten a photo, and blow out inportant details and shadows. And again, there are very meticulous ways to properly expose your camera to interpret shadows and highlights properly, to look flattering on the subject, but to also bring character and romance to the photo. I have taken what I've learned and combined it with my own personal creativity and taste and I have created a style that feels nostalgic and romantic. I am also very careful about making sure that my clients look great in their photos! It's so important to me that you love your photos– so much so that you can't stop looking at them!

The deposit amount is 25% of the total price, and it is due upon booking/securing a date.

I am from Toronto, but I moved to Muskoka to be with my boyfriend! However, I am often back and forth between the two places as my family and friends are still in Toronto, so both are home to me. Barrie is right in the middle. I go by "Muskoka Photographer" because it's where I live, but my services are not limited to any area.

Well firstly, this is highly unlikely, and I would do everything in my power to get to your wedding! Don't you underestimate my willpower!

However, if there was an absolute emergency, I would reach out to my network of photographers and find a trusted photographer for you with a similar style.

But this has never been necessary before.

I will typically wear all black. However, if you want me to wear a certain colour, just let me know!

At the moment, I am specialized in photography and do not offer videography. If you need videographer recommendations, I would be happy to reach out to my network and help you find an awesome videographer.

I'm sad that this needs to be a question. The answer is YES. yes. yes. I absolutely do not discriminate and I am excited for and supportive of all couples getting married!

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Shoot me a text and we'll discuss your vision. 647-505-8835

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For Photographers

If you are a photographer interested in one-on-one mentoring, please contact me via text or email to discuss!

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